Shea Butter

Unrefined Shea butter is a yellow or ivory coloured natural oil which is produced from the crushing and boiling of Shea nuts.  The name Shea comes from the name given to the Karite tree in the Bamana language of Mali, s.  The French name karit´┐Ż comes from ghariti, its corresponding word from the Senegalese Wolof language.  West African Shea butter is usually ivory to beige in colour, and possesses a butter-like texture. 

Turning and sorting dried shea nutsGhana is currently the largest exporter of West African unrefined Shea butter; collected nuts are primarily gathered in the Northern, and Upper Eastern Regions.  Shea trees are primarily found in the Sachel belt which stretches from Senegal to Sudan.  Grades of West African Shea butter range from Grade A through to Grade F, assessed on their smoothness, color quality, and age for those buying Shea butter.  Our unrefined bulk Shea butter is of the finest quality, containing Cinnamic acid (natural UV protection), Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and both anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

West African Shea butter is becoming increasingly prominent in the international market place; its numerous uses have prompted people from an array of different industries to buy Shea butter.  Shea Butter is widely used in cosmetics primarily in Shea moisturizers, and in hair products.  Shea butter is also used in food production. 

The benefits of Global Mamas unrefined bulk Shea butter are undeniable; with abilities to condition hair, treating eczema, easing sun burns and scars, and for its primary use as a natural, organic, and Fairtrade moisturizer.  Our bulk Shea butter can be used on its own, or to complement other cosmetic products.

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